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Relocation Real Estate AgentsWhy choose Realty Advisor for your broker referral?

  • Most companies charge brokers to be included on a referral list.  In many cases, that is their only requirement.
  • We on the other hand listen to you.  You tell us your specific needs and we use an extensive data base to conduct a search for a broker who matches your requirements anywhere in the United States.
  • We actually call the brokers and ask qualifying questions.
  • We consider:
    1. experience
    2. recommendations
    3. Price range
    4. Area served
    5. real estate specialization
    6. All other requirements you deem important

Female Relocation Real Estate AgentWhy would you need a broker referral?

  • Relocating to another city or state and need a broker there.
  • Would rather not use a friend or relative.
  • Need a broker experienced in your specific area of need.
  • Want a broker who is trustworthy, honest and reliable.
  • Want to avoid making a potentially costly mistake.


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