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Best Broker Referral.com

Is a FREE, No Obligation service designed to facilitate your real estate transaction. We take the information you send us on our “Find A Broker” page and use it to conduct a thorough search for the Broker who best fits your needs. We do not charge Brokers a fee to be included on a referral list. The Brokers are contacted individually and asked qualifying questions.

Most real estate brokers specialize in specific areas, such as:  neighborhood subdivisions, price ranges, first time buyers, fix-up or investment properties, or commercial real estate. We take the time to find the broker who best matches your needs.

We use our over-forty years of experience in real estate management, education and sales to make the selection. Once selected, we provide you the contact information. You have no obligation to use the broker and you do not pay the broker or us. The broker is compensated by a successful real estate transaction.


  • We provide a valuable service by providing a qualified broker in the area you choose.
  • There is no cost to you for using BBR.
  • The only person who pays is the broker who has agreed to pay BBR a fee upon a successful closing.

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